Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lawrence of Arabia Restored Screening

Thursday night I went to see the 50th anniversary screening of Lawrence of Arabia, which was just recently digitally restored ahead of its release to blu-ray next month. Without a doubt this is my all time favorite film and I've seen it dozens of times before on TV and in the theater, but seeing it restored? Truly, I felt as though I were seeing it for the first time. With Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean created one of the greatest examples of what a film can be and should be. The restoration has made what was already a masterpiece of film a masterpiece of restoration; the color and clarity of the picture and sound can only be described as so gorgeous and encompassing that you truly feel that you are just a few steps away from being a part of the film.  

The special edition set will be released on November 13, and will feature a ton of extras including four original featurettes, a documentary on the making of the film, newsreel footage, photos, maps, and much, much more. Quite honestly, for the pre-order price of $64.96 on Amazon, I think it's a steal.

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